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Patel Scientific a leading manufacturer of cooling equipments for laboratories presents a series of blood bank refrigerators or freezers. These blood bank refrigerators are come with durable and rugged design and perfect for keeping blood and other biological products for a long time at specific temperature. Our blood bank refrigerators are available in six basic sizes with storage capacities of 40 to 720 blood bags (450 ml capacity).

Our Blood Bank Refrigerators / Blood Bank Freezers are double walled units and are fully insulated with polyurethane foam for greatly reducing running costs. Outer body is made of high grade M. steel / aluminum sheets, with powder coated finish. The interior part of this unit is made of high grade corrosion resistant stainless steel S.S.304 ensuring excellent stability and long lasting performance. All the doors are made fitted with transparent inner door and high quality neoprene rubber gaskets for air tight fittings and are made of galvanized steel sheets lined with stainless steel for extra performance.

As cooling is the most important factor and we do not compromise with the quality, so we have installed ISI marked high end CFC free compressors matching with international standards. Auto defrosts on glass door helps to prevent condensation.

These units also come with digital display of temperature, with upper and lower set points with resolution of 0.1°C for monitoring. These units also have optional features such as malfunction alarms that are useful for indicating over or under temperature, power failure, sensor error, door opening, and low voltage of backup battery.