Round Horizontal Autoclave

//Round Horizontal Autoclave
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Project Description

Round Horizontal Autoclave

Round Horizontal Autoclave
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  1. Chamber – . SS 304 L in 4 mm thickness
  2. Jacket – MS Boiler Quality in 06 mm thickness
  3. Outer Cover / Panel box – MS in 1 mm thickness
  4. Stand – MS in 12 swg Round pipe.
  5. Door – SS 304 in 12.5 mm Thickness.
  6. Locking Rod – plated in 20 x 20 mm Thickness.


Working Pressure: 1.2 kgf/cm g for 15 Minute quick & perfect sterilization.
2.1 kgf/cm g for 07 Minute quick & perfect sterilization.

Working Temperature: 121 °C for 15 Minute quick & perfect sterilization. 134 °C for 07 Minute quick & perfect sterilization.

Hydro test Pressure: Jacket – 4.4kgf/ cm²g Chamber — 3.3kgf/ cm²g Steam Exhaust from

Chamber: 1 minute only

Sterilization period : 15 to 20 minutes maintaining above pressure and Temperature in chamber.


Multi port / solenoid Valve: To carry out steam to jacket, steam to chamber
From Jacket, fast/ slow exhaust & vacuum/ drying. (For Radial Arm Door)

Door : Single door shall be fitted with radial arms & automatic

Pressure locking device so that the door cannot be opened Till pressure is fully exhausted from the chamber.

Quick Vacuum drying – : This allows the filtered and sterilized air to break the

Apparatus chamber vacuum which helps in quick drying.

Accidental Vacuum breaker : A safety device for Jacket against accidental vacuum and
Jacket air valve for automatic air removal.

Safety valve: A safety device against excess pressure in jacket/ steam Generator.

Chamber temperature gauge : Provided a dial type thermometer at front in discharge line to indicate sterilization temperature.

Plug Screen: A device to prevent large particles from entering chamber.

Chamber Condensate pipe line: Incorporated with ‘Spirex’ thermostatic steam trap and

Check valve for perfect condensation from chamber to Achieve optimum temperature.

Pressure gauge: To Indicate steam pressure in Jacket & boiler.

Compound gauge: To Indicate steam pressure and vacuum in chamber.

Drain line: Connected with out let S.S. funnel junction and water trap Arrangement to avoid air contamination.

Steam generator: Shall be attached to underneath the Jacket. It shall be

Fitted with:

  1. Water immersion type industrial heating elements. (I.S.I. MARKED) 18/ 12 kw.
  2. A magnetic automatic water level switches to protect heaters.
  3. Water level indicating gauge glass tube with S.S. guard.
  4. Water inlet & outlet valves. ( N.R. type)
  5. Automatic pressure stat switch to control the boiler Jacket pressure.

Digital Temp. Controller : To show set temp/set time/ actual temp/and buzzer alarm after completion of cycle.( For Semi Automatic model only)

Electrical Control box : Equipped with Heavy duty Air break contactor Heaters ON-OFF and process toggle switch indicating lamps.

Size :
400 X 600mm
450 X 1100mm
500 X 900mm
500 X 1200mm
600 X 1200mm

Optional: Microprocessor Digital PLC System with Colour Touch Screen HMI